May. 27th, 2011

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James got an email tonight (sent two days ago!) from one of our agents... the property in Western Bay we've had on the market since October of '09... she has someone interested, did we have the survey? huh? I thought we gave her the survey when we listed with her... oh well, no worried I have it here in the filing cabinet. *small aside folks*, however you do it, whatever works for you DO maintain a filing system - even if its one only you understand, it DOES reduce your stress levels my multi-dimensions

Emailed her back, told her we'd call her first thing in the morning, and emailed her a high res scan of the survey. I'm *really* hoping that the two day delay hasn't lost us a deal.

Selling this property would allow us another year to prepare to move here, and we won't lose money staying. It would give us some breathing room to finish the updating here without killing ourselves, and a bit of time to take a break before we have to face moving to another house needing renovation. Heck we could even finally fix the fencing here like we wanted to be safe for Buddy and give the dogs run of the property again, and that would make staying another year a lot more comfortable. It would also allow The Feychild to finish college, and maintain her provincial funding without disruption.

We'll still be selling and moving on - The Plan®, it's just going to allow us to do it more comfortably without a financial gun to our heads.

We're keeping all appendages crossed and hoping for some very good news before the weekend is out.
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So... remember that "Little Bathroom of Big Work"? I had this crazy bloody notion wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back the end of February, that the thing would be done in one to two weeks.

Ok... you can quit laughing now )
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One of the problems with trying to chronicle this adventure that James and I have been on is well ... we're so busy adventuring it's hard to find not only the time, but the headspace to write about it.

One of the things I've been doing in my head - and I think this is a mistake - is planning on writing looooooooong posts when each job/room/project is finished. Kinda like DIY TV - see it go from drab to fab in 30 minutes.

But that was never really the point of this blog. It doesn't go from drab to fab in 30 minutes. I'm tired and I'm burnt out about a lot of things, and we still have so far to go, and yes - I've had WHOLE WEEKS of being a lazy cow and getting nothing done. Eventually though we move forward. And I think it's important to document the PROCESS. Whether that's a lazy day, or a full one. Whether I get one flower planted or twenty. This isn't all gloss and shiny and professional. We're just a couple of DIY hacks making do the best we can, sometimes that's better than others, but I think this blog has more value (well it has more value to me, I don't know about it's social value) if I record THAT part of it, the ALL of it.

And maybe you'll hear from me more often

And maybe writing the posts won't seem so long and huge and daunting that I end up putting that off as well.

In other news.. there's no news on the Western Bay property yet. Could be a few days, we'll see when we see.

Still we hope. Spent a large part of this morning discussing and researching the fencing project. This was the ONE job we really would have liked to do, but got cut for budget/sales considerations, however, if Western Bay does sell we're likely to stay here another year, and we'd really like to have the fence done, both for resale value and for the dogs. We'd have a budget for it.

It's a huge job though 12-1500 linear feet of fence. I wanted a nice 3 rail pressure treated wood fence. If the sale goes through we can afford the material - but I don't even want to think about what work putting in 150-200 fence posts in Newfoundland rock would be. It'd kill us both with only the two of us to do the job. Not gonna trade one set of heartbreaking stress for another. So I emailed a contractor, Avalon Rencing, I want to at least have them out for a free quote - maybe do the back sections in chain link and the horse yards in 3 rail, or maybe just get them to set the posts. I am presuming they'll have the kind of augers needed to go through the soil here. We looked at buying an auger ourselves and probably still will after the move, but for the job here, nothing we could afford would do the job.

Hopefully they'll get back to us in a few days. We haven't had much luck with contractors here, the landscaper came by for a look, never got back to us with the quote, the guy we called about the basement took 6 months to return my call with a "I understand you need a quote on a job?" - uh no... we've move on buddy, and now the septic guy... called him twice, he promised to be here before the end of the day, then the end of the week... that was LAST week - not even a call back. I really don't know what it is?


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