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Jun. 15th, 2011 08:57 pm
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The family room...

Spent most of my prep time cleaning up the mess from other jobs. Sorting away tools and electrical bits, and the messes the cats had made of so many things. New cushions will be needed for the wicker furniture, and we lost the sofa bed completely .... I think once we move psycho kitty will have to become a barn cat. It's just too expensive.

We have managed to save the rug - the pressure washer is a GOD SEND! I'd have never gotten it clean with just the steam cleaner, but the pressure washer, with the steam cleaner to take out the water worked da bomb! So much so I used it again on the dogs' rug - which wasn't as bad, but was still fulla a ton of mud.

There really isn't too much to be done here. Paint out the windows and door frames to match the baseboards and casings, fix the couple small patches of wallpaper border where the cats have chewed at it, change over the switches and receptacles to the new ivory decor type, replace the patio doors with the new ones, paint the new patio doors, paint new interior door, replace interior door, and then replace the laminate flooring with the new bamboo. I may or may not paint out the cat condo. We've already replaced the little dome lighting with nice white lighted ceiling fans. At least all the heavy stuff is out, nothing I can't move/shuffle from one side of the room to the other in order to get the flooring done.

Part of the problem has been that this room has never been used much. Oh the kids used it at times for video games, and the cats lived there, but James and I really took to using it to store stuff. And with the gates up to keep the dogs out of the cats it was a bit of a pain to use it. I never really did figure out a better gating system and with all the windows and doors it was a bit of an awkward room to lay out. Then it got to be a great mess...

Once we're done in here though, I think I'll set it up as a craft room. Get my two big sewing tables set up in the TV corner, move the freezer to the garage, set up the seating and the TV down that end of the room, with my herb garden on the bakers' rack, and a small potting table for plants. This will give me a lot more reason to use the room daily, and keep a closer eye on what nonsense the cats are up to.
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