Apr. 11th, 2011 06:01 pm
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It keeps getting away from me.

One of the problems with trying to blog this whole process is having enough time and energy at the end of the day to actually compose a decent post about it.

The bathroom that was supposed to take maybe two weeks is now thanks to ongoing issues, errors, problems and a good bout of depression going on six, and I'm praying I get it finished this week. I've only got 6 more weeks to our self imposed June 1st deadline. I shall have updates with pictures later this evening (I hope). What matters I suppose is that I am *very* happy and *very* proud of how it's turning out.

I might even try a couple of back dated entries on the kitchen project, and the hardwood flooring this week if I can manage it.

And I got about 4 posts to make over in the Dog Forum I'm a member of.

So no, we're not dead, just inundated. I just hope something is settled by the time James's sister and her husband visit in October. Whether here or elsewhere I want to see em done properly, it may well be the only time we ever see the folks from Oz on this side of the planet.


Mar. 4th, 2011 12:57 pm
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Ya know, what we really need is a 'DIY" TV series of our own...

With the huge proliferation of DIY shows and interest and networks on the cable dial these days, I'm not sure there's really enough Canadian content.

I mean really - we have Bryan Baeumler, Mike Holmes, Sarah Richardson and Ambrose Pryce, there's a few others - Income Properties, Marriage Under Construction, but we've also lost Jim Caruk (now doing his wonderful BIY Workshops), Colin and Justin have got their hands full in a 100 new and exciting projects, and Family Renovation kinda finished up after only one family. So amid a small handful of new shows by already known presenters there's a ton of reruns, and American content (both old and new).

I think we need new Canadian content.
Intelligent content, less about fools and their follies, or experts, but just real, everyday people, doing what most real everyday people do - real projects, real problems, dealt with in real ways. Or maybe that doesn't make good TV.

Of course most real people also don't sell up their executive home to move further out into the wilds to build a sustainable lifestyle and create an over the top artist retreat EITHER.

And ya know, the show would have a little bit of everything.
Money and downsizing in a touch economy
Renovating and decorating for resale
Selling a house
Buying a house/property (out of province no less!)
Next season we could cover the working on the new house, building the barns and cottages

Just to mix it up - we could do guest spots - all those well known and well loved faces? We'd invite them in, Sarah can come do a room, we'll give Colin and Justin one whole cottage to make over, Bryan can come help sort out the kitchen electrical (heck he's looking for new projects to film), and Mike can show you how to build a PROPER country fence that'll actually keep the dogs in. I figure we can get at least 2 maybe three episodes outta James and I flying off to Toronto to do Jim Caruk's BIY Bootcamp. Scott McGillivray can advise on what one best needs to get out of the cottages to make money on em...

Yeah it's a hell of a brief I tell ya...
Brilliance - pure brilliance.

Too bad I don't know any TV production companies I could sell the idea to.
Guess I go back to hoping one day this blog might pick up a sponsor or two.


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