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October 8 was/is World Octopus Day. Octopuses (the preferred plural) are amazing creatures - intelligent, nimble, and clever. The only reason they aren't the dominant species on the planet is that they die after reproducing. So, in honor of World Octopus Day, I dug into my stash of "stuff to make weird costume jewelry out of" and created a necklace:

Octothorpe the Octopus

When I first put on the necklace, I didn't have a name for him, but later that day I determined that his name is Octothorpe. "Octothorpe" is the official name for the symbol # that most people call either "hashtag", "pound sign, or "number sign". When it was first used on telephones, to indicate a specific switching signal, somebody named it that; nobody knows who, or why. But it's a fine name for an octopus!

Something I made

Oct. 14th, 2017 07:44 am
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I mentioned that I went to a pagan gathering last weekend. One of the many things they do is provide a "scholarship fund", for members who can't afford the full price of the event. This is largely funded by a "teacup auction", where people donate anything from homemade candy to hand-crocheted shawls to stuff they had lying around that they didn't want any more (but was still usable). Since I've had to avail myself of the scholarship a few times, I always make a point of contributing something I made. Details, and pictures, behind the cut )


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