Apr. 11th, 2011 06:01 pm
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It keeps getting away from me.

One of the problems with trying to blog this whole process is having enough time and energy at the end of the day to actually compose a decent post about it.

The bathroom that was supposed to take maybe two weeks is now thanks to ongoing issues, errors, problems and a good bout of depression going on six, and I'm praying I get it finished this week. I've only got 6 more weeks to our self imposed June 1st deadline. I shall have updates with pictures later this evening (I hope). What matters I suppose is that I am *very* happy and *very* proud of how it's turning out.

I might even try a couple of back dated entries on the kitchen project, and the hardwood flooring this week if I can manage it.

And I got about 4 posts to make over in the Dog Forum I'm a member of.

So no, we're not dead, just inundated. I just hope something is settled by the time James's sister and her husband visit in October. Whether here or elsewhere I want to see em done properly, it may well be the only time we ever see the folks from Oz on this side of the planet.
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Over the next few days I'll catch up all the earlier posts from the months leading up to now, but today I thought I'd give you a little 'A Christmas Under Renovation'

It isn't so bad... no missing walls or missing windows. Mostly it's just tricky working around all these piles of building materials.

We built a paint booth in the basement to try and get the trims finished before the holidays. We got em done, but we didn't get em installed

kitchen and bathroom trimstrims

I did get the blackboard for the kitchen painted and mounted in time to leave the familia many notes about cleaning and decorating while I disappeared for a week to Toronto.
blackboardpiles of gear

Yeah, piles of gear to finish the electrical. The real pain of electrical retrofits isn't the adding an outlet, or installing the new light fitting, it's the obligation to fix all the mistakes made before you got there. Once you open that can of worms you have to bring it up to code.
in progress

But hey... not having outlets is a pain, and a backsplash would be nice, but the kitchen is at least finished enough to cook a turkey dinner.

And the stacks of boxes of hardwood didn't get in the way of dinner in the dining room too much!

The hardwood looks great installed in Andrew's room - good start. Bit of a learning curve, but the other rooms are gonna be easier. Course it still looks like a teenage boy's bedroom - even with all his furniture out in the hallway still.
hardwood installedAndrew's furniture still stored in the hallway

Speaking of flooring ... still piles of it in the office...
... and the bedroom

Stuff for finishing the master bathroom: schulter shower system, cabinets, shower doors
master bath - stuffmaster bathroom - tiles
.. and stacks of tiles for it as well

And the kids bathroom
kids' bathroom

And the doors in the hallway.... 12 bifolds and 3 interior doors...

We were gonna stack em in the garage, but between getting the Jag inside, and the new compressor and then the new front door and side lights - bought off the NL Classifieds... there just wasn't room
new front doornew front door

So it's all been a Renovating Christmas, maybe next year we'll be prepared in advance without 1000 things on the go on our 'todo' list...
Christmas Stepladder



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