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My darling husband, James, and myself - well it all started in 2004 when we met online. We married in 2006, and moved to Newfoundland where we bought this house in 2008.

But all that is contained in my other journals. This journal details the our ongoing adventures in building our life together here in Newfoundland - literally. Our many adventures in real estate, renovations, building, renting, buying, selling, all towards a lofty goal.

We've always worked on a 5 year plan - "The Plan ®". "The Plan ®" has always been an ever evolving thing and it changes and grows and mutates, but it's always been a looking ahead to where we want to be 5 years from now. Of course where we get 5 years from now may be a very different place.

Mostly this is the story of a life in renovation.

However, PLEASE, this is in no way ever to be construed as professional advice. Many entries will be tagged "making the mistakes so you don't have to". We're just a couple of reasonably capable, reasonably intelligent, fairly dedicated 'Do-It-Yourself'ers. There are many jobs, many times, when we will be consulting with the professionals and I highly encourage you to as well. Still with a little common sense, and a good bit of planning there's a lot you can do for yourself.


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