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James got an email tonight (sent two days ago!) from one of our agents... the property in Western Bay we've had on the market since October of '09... she has someone interested, did we have the survey? huh? I thought we gave her the survey when we listed with her... oh well, no worried I have it here in the filing cabinet. *small aside folks*, however you do it, whatever works for you DO maintain a filing system - even if its one only you understand, it DOES reduce your stress levels my multi-dimensions

Emailed her back, told her we'd call her first thing in the morning, and emailed her a high res scan of the survey. I'm *really* hoping that the two day delay hasn't lost us a deal.

Selling this property would allow us another year to prepare to move here, and we won't lose money staying. It would give us some breathing room to finish the updating here without killing ourselves, and a bit of time to take a break before we have to face moving to another house needing renovation. Heck we could even finally fix the fencing here like we wanted to be safe for Buddy and give the dogs run of the property again, and that would make staying another year a lot more comfortable. It would also allow The Feychild to finish college, and maintain her provincial funding without disruption.

We'll still be selling and moving on - The Plan®, it's just going to allow us to do it more comfortably without a financial gun to our heads.

We're keeping all appendages crossed and hoping for some very good news before the weekend is out.


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